Professional Versus Home Camera Systems

If you’ve searched for quality security camera systems, you’ve likely been flooded by all the options. Sites like Amazon, Best Buy, Home Depot, and many more promote gadgets such as wireless and doorbell cameras. Are these cameras right for your business, school, hospital, government organization, or commercial organization? The answer is no. We will explain why in this article.

Professional IP Systems

surevision professional  home security camera Professional IP camera systems are commercial-grade They include IP cameras, a network video recorder, remote viewing software, and a smartphone app. These systems provide features such as motion detection and pan-tilt-zoom control. They are able to accommodate a variety of IP cameras depending on your specific needs. Vs home security cameras, professional security cameras provide a comprehensive solution for total security. Their video quality and performance are superior to simple security camera solutions.

Home Security Camera Systems

 consumer wireless home camera
Over the last five years, we have seen many “gadgets” introduced to the marketplace. Companies like Ring, Arlo, and even Amazon market them as professional home camera systems, but there are big differences in the details. Many rely on the cloud for recording, meaning you’ll be stuck paying a monthly fee to record your video. These cameras offer no integration with multi-camera professional-grade surveillance systems. Some of these cameras are less than $40 dollars. Like anything else, you get what you pay for. Often these cameras need to be replaced frequently.

Professional vs. Home Security Camera Systems

Professional security camera systems are designed for government, schools, businesses, and other organizations looking for a “non-hackable” recording and viewing security solution. Although easy to install, these systems can be prone to hacks which can really interfere with the intent you purchased them for to begin with. Professional IP camera systems come with many features that are not available in consumer-grade home systems. One such feature is motion recording that can be adjusted to reduce false alarms and notifications. Professional security cameras offer higher-definition cameras with intelligent video capabilities. You can also add Pan Tilt Zoom cameras which you can control or set on a preprogrammed tour for your business or home. They also enable you to capture important details that may be further away. Finally, professional security cameras enable you to see further away in complete darkness. The same commercial-grade cameras protecting 70,000+ locations for Fortune 500 companies, universities, and government buildings are available to be your professional home camera system when you order with CCTV Security Pros.

The Comparison is Clear Between Professional IP and Consumer-Grade Home Camera Systems

Versus home security cameras, professional IP camera systems have better capability, reliability, and performance. Not to mention an abundance of features that can help you monitor your property more efficiently and effectively. Professional systems are designed to support many security cameras. We have solutions that support up to 128 cameras at one location. You can also view multiple locations while monitoring on one screen. Although home camera systems may be less expensive, they are definitely not suitable for commercial applications. Want to learn more about Professional vs Home Security Camera Systems? Visit our website and learn all about the professional solutions we provide. We will help you secure your business and monitor and record your business on the move with no additional monthly fees. For more information, call us for advice at 08166585090
or use our website to source up-to-date professional camera systems for your business and home.
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